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Real Club de Polo de Barcelona is a nonprofit association founded in 1897, with legal and operational capacity, made up of individuals. It is registered in the Registry of Sports Organizations of the Generalitat of Catalonia located at the headquarters of the General Secretariat of Sports.


RCPB’s mission is to promote, develop, and practice physical and sports activities through its affiliated federations: equestrian sports, hockey, padel, polo, and tennis.


RCPB instills values such as sportsmanship, tolerance, friendship, charity, and good rapport through both its sports schools and the organization of its events for the general public.


Real Club de Polo de Barcelona actively works with charitable causes through its sports divisions. The Club has generously maintained a commitment to various vulnerable groups for years to help socially integrate them and improve their quality of life through sports.

  • Equestrian sports:

Every Wednesday, the equestrian school holds equine-assisted therapy sessions for AREP (Association for the Rehabilitation of People with Mental Illness) members. In these sessions, participants interact with the horses and learn how to take care of them and be responsible for their well-being.

  • Hockey:

Every Thursday and Friday, Hockey + teams train on Field 2. Young people from Centre Ocupacional Les Corts and Escola Paideia come every week to enjoy hockey. Additionally, the Club has a team in the official Hockey + league (organized by the Catalan Federation) with players from both centers.

  • Padel:

Every Wednesday, a dozen young people with special needs from Escola Paideia are given padel classes by Club instructors. Practicing a sport such as padel helps them deepen their personal and social integration.

  • Tennis:

The Club’s tennis division works with Salut Mental Catalunya to hold weekly tennis classes for Foundation members every Thursday at noon. Practicing tennis helps these people socialize.

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Environmental responsibility

RCPB promotes caring for the environment to guarantee the quality of life for future generations in order to create responsible practices within the framework of environmental sustainability and the search for efficient processes to reach an optimal level of resource use.


RCPB acts with legality, justice, and impartiality both in the provision of services and labor relations without favoritism or discrimination on the basis of income, class, ideology, political views, sex, race, religion, or any other condition.

RCPB is a member of

  • G16 – Group of Institutions of Barcelona:
    • FC Barcelona
    • Royal Automobile Club of Catalonia
    • RCD Espanyol
    • Real Club de Tenis Barcelona – 1899
    • Centre Excursionista de Catalunya
    • CN Barcelona
    • Círculo Ecuestre
    • Cercle del Liceu
    • Institut Agrícola Català de Sant Isidre
    • Círculo de Economía
    • Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Shipping
    • Royal Artistic Circle of Barcelona
    • L’Ateneu Barcelonès
    • Orfeó Català – Palau de la Música Catalana
    • Foment del Treball Nacional
    • Real Club de Polo de Barcelona
  • It is a founding member of SPORT CULTURA BARCELONA:
  • In keeping with the various sports that are part of our corporate purpose, the Club is affiliated with the following sports federations:
    • Catalan federations: equestrian sports, hockey, padel, polo, tennis.
    • Spanish federations: Real Federación Hípica Española, Real Federación Española de Hockey, Spanish Federation of Padel, Real Federación Española de Polo, Royal Spanish Tennis Federation.

    Additionally, the Club may become affiliated with federations of other sports that can hold practices at the Club as supplementary activities.

    Through its affiliation with these federations as a Club, RCPB is part of their corresponding assemblies.

    Additionally, RCPB has members on the Board of Directors and several members on the boards of some of the abovementioned federations.

  • RCPB has an agreement with the organizing committee of the 2018 Mediterranean Games in Tarragona as the secondary venue and organizer of the equestrian contests.

Legal framework that regulates RCPB operations

Decree 58/2010, of May 4, of the sports organizations of Catalonia