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Fundación Real Club de Polo de Barcelona

The creation of Fundación Real Club de Polo was approved by the Extraordinary General Assembly of Delegates of Real Club de Polo de Barcelona held on February 21, 2013. The Foundation was created to manage Barcelona Equestrian Challenge (BECH).

Barcelona Equestrian Challenge (BECH) is an ambitious project to promote the equestrian world in our city.

Thanks to this initiative sponsored by the Government of Spain, Barcelona City Council, and Real Club de Polo de Barcelona, the city became the capital of the equestrian world. The horse approaches Barcelona, showing off all of its angles.

This is a unique project with the highest international standards that integrates social promotion of the equestrian world, equestrian sports, and sports values.

Therefore, the Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Competitiveness deemed it an Event of Exceptional Public Interest at the end of 2012.

BECH has an organizing committee with representatives from organizations such as Barcelona City Council, the National Sports Council, the Generalitat of Catalonia, Barcelona Provincial Council, Real Club de Polo de Barcelona, Real Federación Hípica Española, and Federació Catalana d’Hípica.

Governing Bodies of the Foundation

  • Honorary Presidents:
    • Curro Espinós de Pascual, President of Real Club de Polo de Barcelona
    • Joaquin Calvo Jaques, Honorary President of Real Club de Polo de Barcelona
  • President: Emilio Zegrí Boada
  • Vice President: Joaquín Gay
  • General Secretary: Javier Fontcuberta Llanes
  • Patrons:
    • Hans Peter Vogelsanger
    • Javier Revuelta del Peral
    • Borja Garcia-Nieto Portabella
    • Joaquín Gay de Montellá Ferrer-Vidal
    • Cristina Puig Carrasco
    • Ramón Malet Casajuana
    • Santiago Mercé Muntañola
    • Àngels Esteve Masana
  • General Director: Daniel Garcia Giró.
Emilio Zegrí Boada, presidente de la BECHEmilio Zegrí Boada, BECH President